Office Renovation

A productive work environment relies on your office space. Whether you’re moving into a new office or need to freshen up your existing workplace, office renovation is sometimes necessary. And this is where Ontario Renocon comes in! We offer office renovation solutions to businesses in Toronto, the GTA, and surrounding areas. Our office renovation service aims to elevate your work space’s functionality.

With over ten years of experience as a commercial renovation company, you can rely on us to renovate your office to industry standards. We cater to your business goals by making sure your office is welcoming, organized, and professional.

Office Remodelling Benefits

When you hire us to renovate your office, you can expect the value of your business to increase. And this only comes as a byproduct of our renovation solutions.

  • We renovate your office to reflect your brand

Your office says a lot about you as a company. When potential clients come to you to discuss business ventures, you want your office to impress. You can’t possibly promise workflow organization if your office is a mess.

image of two renovation workers

And this is where office renovation comes in handy. We’ll make sure your office practices what you preach. An accurate representation of who you are.

  • We add necessary storage space

Built-in closet, wall units, and floating shelves are great ways to save space, especially if you have a small office. When you renovate your office, you can create the floorplan that works best for your office size. And guess what? Our renovation process will do just that! Our office renovation contractors know how to design smart offices, putting space to good use. So, no matter how big or small your office space is, we can handle it.

  • We create a positive atmosphere for your employees

A big part of the office renovation process lies in creating a better work environment. Adding an entertainment or relaxation room at work has been proven to improve employees’ mood and performance. To this end, we will give you sustainable office remodelling ideas that guarantee a high return on your investment.

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Office Renovation Ideas for Any Layout

The renovation experts on our team have the skill to execute your office ideas regardless of the layout. We’ve helped many business owners create the perfect office space according to their preferred office design.


For big companies with over 200 employees, a cubicle office layout is a standard option. The best part about the office cube format is its ability to save space. Cubicles also offer mobility seeing as how easy it is to move around and install.

As a result, members of the same team can huddle up and organize their cubicles in a way that facilitates workflows.

Open Offices

Open offices are terrific for small companies and startups. Open-concept offices create a collaborative atmosphere, much needed for smaller businesses. Open offices are also the cheapest to build and install. The biggest drawback to open office layouts is how little privacy they provide.

Closed Offices

Need a separate area in your office for client meetings? Closed offices are perfect for this! Closed office layouts offer a ton of privacy and stop noise from travelling through the walls. Due to their privacy and soundproofing benefit, however, they can be somewhat costly. They also need a decent amount of space to build.

Turnkey Office Renovation Service

The wonderful thing about working with us is that you don’t have to hire multiple subcontractors to work on your office renovation project. Our renovation solutions mean we’re a one-stop-shop fully equipped with specialized teams to work on your project from A to Z:

Moreover, if your office must undergo demolition or restoration due to an 

commercial renovation contractors

unfortunate event, our team can take care of it, too. And because we want to save you the trouble, we help you with your building permit process.


Superior Office Renovation Services

Every office renovation project we do is a success. And this only comes as a result of our professional approach and attention to detail.

  • Dedicated project management
  • Permit-ready renovations
  • Ethically-sourced materials, all Canadian
  • Compliance with industry standards, the Ontario Building Code, and zoning bylaws
  • Competitive, affordable prices
  • Interior design and creative renovation ideas
  • Prompt, organized project management
  • 10-YEAR WARRANTY on labour and materials

Get in touch with us to request a free quote and discuss your office renovation project. Our team is committed to providing you with the highest quality service.