Interior Demolition

There comes a time when a building must be demolished to accommodate a new plan or structure. In some cases, a building or structure needs to be torn down because it is deemed unsafe or on the verge of collapsing.

If you are located in the GTA and are in need of interior demolition services for a commercial or residential construction project, Ontario Renocon Group is the demolition contractor you can rely on for quality work. We demolish structures of all sizes and recycle construction materials and debris from the demolition site.

Our Work Philosophy

We are licensed for commercial and residential demolition, which is why we always prioritize safety all throughout the demolition process. This is important not only for the safety of our demolition crew, but to the community at large since gas pipes, electrical wires and hydro lines can create potential hazards.

This is why taking down a building requires skilled operators. At Ontario Renocon Groups, we are confident that our licensed operators have the expertise to get the job done the right way. We have the manpower and resources to tackle the toughest demolition projects.

Demolition Techniques

We don’t always use bulldozers or excavators. Depending on the size of the space needing demolishing or the rules governing demolition in a giving community, there are different ways we tear down a structure.

Interior Demolition
  • If the space is tight, we usually demolish it manually by hand. This technique requires patience and diligence to move through the process in a safe.
  • Larger buildings with more room to work around require large equipment like a bulldozer or a wrecking ball.

It’s important that you hire demolition contractors with experience so you can be confident that they will make the right call on what equipment is necessary. Trust our demolition experts to get the job done right by hiring us for interior demolition services.

Trust the Experts

Ontario Renocon Group offers full-service interior demolitions services. We adhere to the guidelines for interior demolition in Toronto while remaining environmentally conscious. When you hire our team for a residential or commercial demolition project, we will ensure we have all the necessary permits and will handle the job from start to finish with as little disruption to the environment as possible.

If you need interior demolition services in Toronto, we are the demolition contractors for the job. Reach out to us today on our Contact page. Our team is eager and happy to help you!

Interior Demolition
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Interior Demolition
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