Interior and Exterior Painting

No renovation project is complete without an excellent paint job. At Ontario RenoCon, we offer high-quality painting services, both interior and exterior for residential and commercial properties. We have been in the renovation and building business for decades. Our team also has the experience and skill to paint your property on the inside out at very fair prices.

Interior Painting

We provide basement renovation, kitchen renovation, bathroom renovation services. An important step in any interior renovation process is painting. We take extra care of each and every room, putting your furniture and belongings out of the way, so there’s no damage to them.

Our interior painting service also includes custom painting for your woodwork. Whether it’s closets, interior doors, window frames, or kitchen cabinets, we take care of it. We cover your floors to protect them from scratches.

Exterior Painting

For our exterior painting service, we make sure we use paints that contain more resin than in interior painting projects. Resin is an essential addition to exterior paint because it makes it durable and resistant to peeling, moisture, and harsh weather. At Ontario RenoCon, we only use top-tier paint from the best suppliers in Canada.

Moreover, our exterior painting service includes paint and roll painting. Our expert painters have the skill to take on any project of any size and get the job done on time. We also make sure to use the painting techniques best fit for your property’s exterior. Whether it’s precast concrete, brick, solid wood, stone, we accommodate any materials in your building’s exterior.



What Makes Our Painting Service Different

Dedicated Project Management

Each project is unique to us. Therefore, our project managers set a clear plan that aims to keep track of progress and organize each detail about the painting job.

Top-Quality Materials

The paint products we use are some of the best on the market. We want you to have the highest quality products without exceeding your budget.

Excellent Finishes

Painting your property’s interior or exterior is only the first step of the process. We apply a high-grade coating to painted surfaces to seal the paint and protect it from moisture.

Wide Range of Colours

We have a large selection of colors, shades, and finishes for you to choose from. This way, your painting design will compliment your property’s theme.

Tasteful Designs

In addition to our craftsmanship, we have an eye for design. We know what looks good and we’ll give you our expert design advice to elevate your property’s appearance.

Always on Schedule

We value your time, and we understand that having your house or office painted can be a hassle. Therefore, we deliver our service on time and according to schedule.

10-Year Warranty

We aim to establish long-standing relationships with our customers. Our commitment to you is for the next 10 years with our comprehensive warranty plan, covering all labor and materials.


The Ontario RenoCon Advantage

If you’re looking for expert painting services for your residential or commercial property, contact us today. We offer professional interior and exterior painting to customers across Toronto and the GTA. Moreover, our prices are competitive, and our passion drives us to deliver the best quality service. Give us a call at 416-817-5732 or email us for a free estimate.