Commercial Restoration

Ontario Renocon Group is a professional renovator and repair company with contractors that provide only the best service to cities throughout Southern Ontario. Our contractors work on residential, commercial, and industrial properties from anywhere within the GTA, Oshawa, Ajax, Pickering, Barrie, Oakville, Burlington, and Hamilton. Renocan takes pride in our beautiful design services designed and installed efficiently. Our contractors are skillfully experienced with years of interior renovation service while guaranteeing the best price.

Ceiling Tile Installation

A great way to give your building a fresh look is to install new ceiling tiles. The world of ceiling tiles is vast with a variety of ceiling tile options on the market. We provide tile ceiling installation services according to your needs.

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Interior and Exterior Painting

No renovation project is complete without an excellent paint job.

At Ontario RenoCon, we offer high-quality painting services, both interior and exterior for residential and commercial properties.

We have been in the renovation and building business for decades. Our team also has the experience and skill to paint your property on the inside out at very fair prices.

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Drywall and Framing

Drywall is an essential product in interior building and construction. Made of compressed gypsum or sheetrock and secured between two sheets of thick paper, drywall has replaced plaster in residential and commercial construction because it is:

  • Cost effective
  • Versatile
  • Easy to work with
  • Quick installation
  • Durable
  • Easy to replace
  • Paintable
  • Fire resistant
  • Water resistant
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Fire & Water Restoration

Fire & Water Restoration

Disasters happen. We know that sudden damage to your home is a stressful event. That’s why you need reliable restoration service provider you can rely on to repair the damage to your property. Whether you are in need of commercial restoration or residential restoration, you can count on Ontario Renocon Group to restore fire and water damage as quickly as possible.

We’ve been providing quality restoration services in Toronto and the GTA for 30+ years so you can be confident that your property is in good hands. Our customers rave about our professionalism and we take pride in our longevity in the restoration industry.

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Roof Repair & Installation


Whether you need emergency roof repairs due to storm damage, fire or other weather-related issues, or are looking to install a roof, Ontario Renocon Group is the right choice for you. Our services include commercial roof repair, residential roof repair and roof installation. Furthermore, we work with all types of roofing, from shingles and sheets all the way to metal roofing.

As a firmly established roofing contractor in Toronto and the GTA, we take pride in our ability to handle every project with the same level of integrity and expertise our customers have come to know us for over the years.

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Flooring and Carpeting

In need of commercial or residential carpet and flooring products? Ontario Renocon Group is your premier flooring and carpeting experts. We specialize in commercial flooring and residential flooring. Using top-of-the-line products, we deliver excellence and have worked hard to establish lasting relationships with our clients in Toronto and the GTA.

From large projects to smaller ones, we have a dedicated team of trained contractors ready to attend to your flooring and carpeting needs.

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Condo Lobby/Hallway Design & Renovation

The condo lobby/hallway is the first space people see when entering a building so it should look incredible. The lobby is the first impression that sets the tone for the rest of the building and increases the resale value of all the units in the building. Because the lobby is so important, your hallway design and renovations should be handled by experts who know how to create a functional and beautiful entranceway. At Ontario Renocon Group Ltd., we have years of condo hallway design and renovation experience. From a new paint job to a complete remodel, we can design an eye-catching lobby everyone can enjoy.

Wallpaper Repair/Installation

Wallpaper installation is a cost-effective way to add rich texture, designs, and colour to your walls. Professionally installed wallpaper can add elegance and depth to any room. Installing wallpaper can be tricky. A professional renovation contractor will ensure the wallpaper is on smoothly, evenly, and free of unsightly air bubbles or creases. Wallpaper panels should also be perfectly aligned to make sure the pattern flows smoothly across the wall without overlap. At Ontario Renocon Group Ltd. we are experts in wallpaper installation and repair. Whether adding new paper or needing ripped or damaged areas fixed, we will make your wallpapered walls look beautiful.

Concrete/Interlocking & Landscaping

A beautifully landscaped yard can quickly turn your outdoor space into a beautiful sanctuary. Adding foliage, walkways, and a patio to your outside area, you have many options. At Ontario Renocon Group Ltd., we can help you design a breathtaking yard space that reflects your personal taste and style.

Interlocking stones and pavers add functionality and beauty to your yard. Picking the right blocks will complement the rest of your area while giving you a secure, solid, walking path, and seating area. At Ontario Renocon Group Ltd., we are experts in concrete interlocking block installation and landscaping. We can help you turn your yard into a beautiful outdoor living space.

Asphalt Repair and Repaving

Asphalt Repair and Repaving.

Asphalt is a cost-effective, aesthetically pleasing, and durable material used to construct driveways and parking pads. The rich dark hue adds to the visual appeal of your property. But cracks, broken, or damaged areas of your asphalt can turn your driveway into an eyesore.

Asphalt repairs can quickly fix your asphalt issues so your driveway will look new once again. Most cracks and damage can be repaired with a self-adhesive asphalt binder. Asphalt repairs and re-paving are more cost-effective and quicker to complete than full asphalt replacement. At Ontario Renocon Group Ltd, our asphalt repairs are guaranteed to last for years with regular care.

Mastic Asphalt


Hot applied mastic asphalt has been used for many years, specifically in industrial environments such as underground parking garages and other areas suspect to heavy vehicular traffic, rapid temperature changes, extreme weather conditions such as snow and ice all a frequent source of break down and deterioration. Similar to asphalt, Mastic Asphalt is an ideal material for a whole range of construction applications in both new-build and refurbishment where a smooth, seamless, durable surface is required. It offers total waterproofing integrity for suspended slab parking garage decks and performs as a tough working surface in flooring and paving.

At Ontario Renocon Group Ltd we have years of experience in Mastic Asphalt systems, from repair to full replacement.

Balcony Reconstruction

Balconies are great additions to homes and multi-unit living complexes. They are a wonderful feature that creates a private and personal space where you can enjoy the outdoors. Naturally, over time, balconies can wear, erode, and, in some cases, start showing serious structural issues due to natural shifting combined with extreme weather conditions. Once your balcony becomes unsafe, you will need a professional contractor to reconstruct your balcony immediately. At Ontario Renocon Group Ltd., we have years of balcony reconstruction experience. No matter how big or small your outside extension is or the extent of damage, we can reconstruct your balcony so it looks new.

Garage Ramp Rehabilitation

Garage ramps are at a higher risk of wear-and-tear than any other part of the building. Higher than normal automobile traffic, increased vehicle braking and weather can quickly cause cracks, abrasions, and scaling. Once damage occurs, the ramp can become unsafe for vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Rehabilitating your garage ramp should only be done by expert contractors who know how to thoroughly inspect and repair a garage ramp. At Ontario Renocon Group Ltd., we have years of experience in garage ramp rehabilitation. From minor resurfacing work, heating cable repair and installation to full ramp reconstruction, we cover all areas of ramp repairs.

Garage Slab Rehabilitation/Waterproofing

Garage Slab RehabilitationWaterproofing

Garage slabs are under continuous pressure and exposure every day. They are subjected to the ongoing vehicle that creates ongoing stress to the structure. Wet or leaking vehicles create puddles underneath that can erode the concrete over time and cause damage to the slab. Damaged garage slabs are not only a hazard to people using the garage, but they can cause severe structural issues to the whole building. Rehabilitating and waterproofing your garage slab is a complex job that should only be done by professional contractors At Ontario Renocon Group Ltd., we have extensive experience providing superior garage slab rehabilitation and waterproofing services.

Masonry/Brick Repairs

Masonry/Brick Repairs

Masonry and brick are attractive and durable materials that not only add to the curb appeal of your home but also protects the interior from outside hazards. However, weather, natural shifting, and other elements will cause erosion over time. Once cracks, breaks, abrasions, and other damage start to occur, it is important to get them fixed before they become major issues. If your brick or masonry work is left untouched, cold air and moisture could get into your home causing severe structural issues. At Ontario Renocon Group Ltd, we provide superior masonry/brick repair services so your exterior materials will last for years.

Caulking & Glazing

Caulking & Glazing

Caulking and glazing are used to create protective, waterproof seals around your windows and doors so air, moisture and water cannot enter your home. Over time, weather, critters, and other elements can cause cracks, breaks, and other damage to the glazing and caulking. Once moisture starts getting into your home’s interior, it can cause serious issues in the walls and surrounding surfaces. At Ontario Renocon Group Ltd., we have extensive knowledge and experience repairing caulking and glazing. We can quickly identify and repair your damaged areas using the best caulking and glazing materials before minor issues become serious and costly problems.

Chemical Injection Repair

Chemical Injection Repair

Small cracks are fairly common in foundations and are caused by many factors. Catching them early is crucial to protecting your garage and foundation building walls and ceiling. If the concrete foundation and wall cracks get too big, moisture will get into the concrete, potentially causing mould, damage, concrete delamination and other structural issues. At Ontario Renocon Group Inc., we can complete chemical injection repairs before small cracks turn into major repairs. Chemical injection is a low cost / low-maintenance method of concrete repair whereby a chemical waterproofing epoxy is forced under pressure to penetrate cracks in concrete and is best utilized as water penetrates the surface, causing new materials injected within the concrete to expand and strengthen the integrity of the concrete walls, foundations and ceilings to prevent water and other leaks from penetrating through. As a professional restoration company, we have extensive knowledge and experience inspecting and repairing garage foundations, walls and ceilings using this method. We use only the highest quality chemical injection materials so you can feel reassured knowing your foundation will be properly repaired.

In need of a professional renovation or repair by qualified and experienced contractors? Give us a call at 416-817-5732. We provide service within Toronto, the GTA, and many surrounding areas such as Oshawa, Ajax, Pickering, Barrie, Oakville, Burlington, Hamilton.

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