Ceiling Tile Installation

A great way to give your building a fresh look is to install new ceiling tiles. The world of ceiling tiles is vast with a variety of ceiling tile options on the market. We provide tile ceiling installation services according to your needs.

Ontario Renocon specializes in ceiling tile installation. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, we have established a reputation of excellence across Toronto and the GTA. Our clients know they can trust us to keep their interests at the forefront. Our priority over the years has been ensuring that our clients have the best ceiling installation specialists. To this end, all of our contractors are certified and have accumulated a wealth of experience in ceiling tile installation.

When you hire us for the job, you can be assured that you have a reputable contractor that knows how to install ceiling tiles. We use safe and approved ceiling installation materials and techniques. From beginning to end, we keep our clients informed about ceiling tile installation costs, ceiling tile sizes, and design.

What Makes Us Stand Out as Ceiling Installation Specialists


When it comes to ceiling tile installation, we take great care of what your needs are. Since there are so many ceiling tile options to choose from, you need a team of experts that is skilled and knowledgeable. Some ceiling tiles aid in noise reduction and promote good ventilation, while others provide more of an aesthetic appeal than they do functionality.

At Ontario Renocon, we take the time to sit down with you to discuss your ceiling project and understand your vision. Once we know what your priorities are, we inform you of ceiling installation materials and installation techniques we use. We provide you with all the information you need upfront and there are no hidden fees with us. Our success as a company stands on excellent service and our loyalty to our customers.

Regardless of the size of a project, we invest the same amount of focus and attention to detail. Our ceiling installation process involves measuring the square footage of the room, removing vents and fixtures, and marking the areas where tiles will be placed.

Ceiling Contractors You Can Trust

As a well-established company, we take pride in knowing our clients trust us to deliver outstanding service. Our dedication to your satisfaction guarantees high-quality work in every project we’re involved in. Call us today to find out what ceiling installation options we have available for you.